This Vice Ganda Issue

I bet everyone from my country has heard about the issue between Vice Ganda and Jessica Soho. For those who don’t know yet, let this video linked below explain to you what the deal is.

In my own opinion, what VG(Vice Ganda) did is a good thing; though normally, a lot of people would question the sincerity of an apology if it’s done in public television. And I think that some people (who really don’t know the truth behind the story) exaggerated and might have judged VG a little too much.

On a separate note, I’m happy that JS (Jessica Soho) still managed to talk to VG on the phone and kept it as respectful as possible. It is undeniably hard for someone to talk to a person who offended her in some way.

Can’t really expound further since the video would pretty much explain everything and set up the issue for you. How about you? What’s your stand regarding this situation? Let me know, drop a comment below. 

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